2nd edition of “Here You Are” is now available! This printing has an updated introduction and an easier to read font. The images are also slightly glossier making the color pop more.

Deeeep thanks to those who have supported, shared and bought copies of the first printing. This book is essentially my essence and life’s work in physical form 💗

Also - due to an error with my printers I have some slight misprints available for almost half off. Misprinted and perfect versions available for purchase through my website 🙂

Just uploaded a lil 20 minute guided meditation to YouTube. It can be found in the “about” section of my website ☺️ link in bio 🙏

I teach meditations just like this one every Saturday morning Hawk & Hummingbird!

In the video I’m sitting in front of one of my neurotic dot making paintings aka shields aka color field/consciousness shifters. I haven’t dedicated as much time to it lately, but painting giant color fields is definitely one of my favorite practices in this life 💙