I believe that you are a wise and powerful being who already possesses the ability to live as your authentic self. Through our work together you will remember how to access these forgotten parts of yourself.

Our current society sets us up for feeling a lifetime of emptiness, always looking outside of ourselves for a sense of fulfillment or meaning. Maybe this next job/vacation/romantic partner/purchase/home will finally make me happy! But as we’ve all experienced, the type of fulfillment that comes from external experiences is temporary and fleeting, leaving us hungry for the next fix. 

What if being yourself is enough? 

Are you at a crossroads? Saturn return? Going through a major life transition? Feel like something is missing? Just want some extra support or guidance?

I don’t identify as a “coach”, I’m not going encourage you to follow advice that doesn’t resonate. I want you to remember your whole self, in whatever form that takes. I don’t have a personal agenda for your unfurling, I just want to be a loving support through the process.

I hold a safe and compassionate space to work with aspects of yourself that you might feel ashamed or scared of. Through our work together you will see that what you thought was your darkness/shadow/downfall/pain can be healthfully integrated and become a source of power and wisdom. 

Imagine living the life you’ve forgotten you were meant for. You CAN reclaim your spark, remember your power, fulfill your life’s purpose, and feel at peace.

Through our work together you will:

  • Receive support and guidance through difficult life transitions

  • Get training on how to build your intuition so you can clearly hear your inner guidance

  • Learn how to become present in the now

  • Regain your spark and power

  • Experience realistic optimism

What could a session look like?

  • Intuitive tarot reading

  • Bringing clarity to your life’s goals - what is your true purpose?

  • Begin to see your shadow and discuss integration methods

  • Look at your astrology chart

  • Clearly visioning what you’d like for your future and mapping out how to get there

  • Directions for home practices such as: meditation, dream interpretation, herbal medicine, suggested ritual work, shamanic journeying, movement, and intuition accessing and building

This isn’t a one size fits all approach, it is specifically tailored to your needs and desires, no two clients have the same experience with me.

Some people may get what they need from one session, some may come occasionally for a boost of support, and some may work with me weekly or monthly on a short or longterm basis.


Why work with me?

I have dedicated my life to the practice of grounded non-duality. After spending many years on the periphery of the typical “light and love” communities that saturate the new-age world, I came to the realization that a deeper relationship to these teachings was possible… but not without doing the deep and magical work of shadow integration, an often missing aspect of self-love and awakening the spiritual self. Shadow work is the ground for “love and light” and if we ignore this integral part of ourselves we stagnate. In my own experience I became far more intuitive and spiritually awake once I became comfortable sitting with and integrating my shadow selves. 

I’ve been practicing kriya yoga meditation for the last 13 years. I studied fine art and Buddhism at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado, and did a sacred plant medicine apprenticeship with The Gaia School of Healing in Putney, Vermont. I am currently finishing up a Hakomi training, a type of mindfulness based body-centered psychotherapy. 

I practice shamanic journeying through the use of ritual staving (using a staff in a similar way one uses a drum), and plant spirit medicine - primarily the poisonous plants used in European shamanism. I regularly lead journeys for groups in the New England area.

Meditation is the spine of my spiritual practice and entire life. I believe in simplicity above all else.

I use tools like tarot, astrology, flower essences, dream interpretation, aura reading, shamanic journeying, hakomi, herbal medicine, plant spirit communication, and creative artistic expression to help inform my practice and intuitive work with clients. 

If you have any questions or want to know more, please send me an email at