In this online 3-hour workshop you will get an introduction to practices of plant spirit medicine and “poison as medicine.” We will discuss the history, lore, and medicinal use of several poisonous plants and fungi such as mandrake, belladonna, henbane, datura, the yew tree, and fly agaric | Learn more + sign up

In this 6-week online series, you will learn about the lore, metaphysical, & historical use of poisonous plants, as well as the implication of forgotten knowledge. We will dive deep into their healing messages through our focus on plant spirit communication, inner-alchemy, and shamanic journeying | Learn more + sign up


An advanced training in Poisonous Plant Shamanism is coming in January 2020. This is only open to those who have completed the 6-week Poisonous Plant Medicine course. More info will be available later in the year!

This option is for those who feel called to work with certain “poisonous” plants but aren’t interested in taking a whole course. If you have specific questions or experiences you’d like to unpack around these plants you can schedule a 1:1 session with me | Schedule here