Intuitive Tarot Readings

Tarot is a tool we use to hear the voice of our subconscious mind – a whisper that often goes unheard beneath the clatter of our day to day activities. This is the same subconscious that communicates with us each and every night through our dreams. The subconscious doesn’t have an agenda in the same way that our conscious mind does. Its goal is to wake us up to who we really are. The subconscious wants to show us our gifts and how to bring them into the world. It wants to help us make the choices that will heal us. Tarot is a way for us to increase the volume of our subconscious mind so we can truly hear the messages we are meant to receive.



"Kathryn's reading made me feel that the line between good cards and bad cards is an illusion, and that everything is an opportunity to understand, and empower myself.  I think she has a penetrating wisdom, coupled by a gentle, nurturing disposition, which left me with the feeling that someone had truly helped me."


"Kathryn is a purely loving presence who has an intimate relationship with the cards. Her intuitive lens creates a truly accurate and healing perspective on what messages and lessons the cards are revealing uniquely for you. I highly recommend a tarot reading from Kathryn!"


“Kathryn is such a gem! She not only has the knowledge and intuitive sense to do a great reading, but she genuinely connects with what’s most important and present for you. I left my reading with more clarity, confidence, and such positive energy! More than worth it “


"My reading was surprisingly informative. Kathryn helped me get clarity on how to move forward with my issue. I felt like her interpretation and vision were extremely accurate. Her intuition helped guide me along, especially because I was stuck in my head around this issue. She helped me get to the core of it. Thank you, Kathryn!"