Here a few things students of the Poisonous Plant Medicine course have to say:

"I loved this course! It was beyond what I expected. It was engaging, informative, and magickal! I plan to incorporate what I learned into my healing practices. The plant spirit communication teachings in these classes alone were worth the cost. Thank you!!"

"I signed up for this class thinking I was going to get a more thorough understanding of how to work with the mystical and secret world of poisonous plants… and I did get that! But I also got much more than I could have imagined. This class set me on a course that has me feeling more in touch with my intuition and the needs of my soul. Kathryn conveyed the information in a gentle and unconditionally loving way. She is one of the sweetest souls I’ve had the pleasure to meet. When she speaks about plants I can sense her deep relationships with them. I feel that I got a glimpse into a world that I trust will continue opening for me. I would recommend this class to anyone interested in herbalism, folklore, mythos, psychology, healing, or spirituality."

"From our meditation at the beginning of class to Kathryn speaking about the plants to the shamanic journey at the end of class, I felt a forgotten part of myself once again energized."

“I’m a more scientifically minded person so I wasn’t sure if poisonous plant medicine was going to be the right fit for me but I was pleased with the way the course unfolded. Although Kathryn is clearly coming from a more spiritual approach to herbalism, she does so in a way that is grounded in reality. I never felt that she asked me to believe things that were unrealistic for me. I’m happy I took a risk with this course, I don’t know of anything else like it out there.”

“Unfortunately, I was never able to attend a live class due to being a mom with a busy schedule so I would watch the recordings a few days later while the kiddos were in school. Kathryn was very accommodating to my schedule and never made me feel like I was outside of the class. This was a wonderful course and I relished every minute of it! I look forward to watching to the videos again soon to pick up on things I may have missed the first time around.”


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