Water Hemlock Essence


Water Hemlock Essence

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Relax into the shadows. Trust the unseen. Our power lies in the integration of light and dark.

Keywords: shadow work, trauma support, other worlds, boundaries, shining light onto what we’ve not yet seen

Water hemlock shows us the world that exists beneath this one. The place where we’ve stored the parts of ourselves and our experience of this earth that we haven’t been ready to acknowledge. We learn to put these parts of ourselves away as a protective measure, knowing that to fully recognize the truth of our situation would mean things would have to change. When we’re children we usually have no control over whether things can change or not, so to acknowledge certain realities would mean to acknowledge that we are not safe or loved or accepted.

We’ve all had those days at one time or another where someone asks us how we are, and we smile and say “Good, how are you?” When truly, under the surface we are experiencing rage or despair or regret or sadness. Under the surface we just want to turn to that person and say “actually, I am scared and unwell, I need help.” But for whatever reason we don’t feel safe enough to acknowledge it. So many people go on day after day saying “good, how are you?” when really they want to run away and cry or finally tell their boss or spouse or parent that they are done. Water hemlock shines a light into those hidden parts of ourselves.

Water hemlock takes us to the places where we are lying to ourselves and the places where we know others are lying to and manipulating us.

It is an essence for learning to navigate the spirit and shadow worlds.

A support in excavating skeletons long ago buried.

Water hemlock offers us a glimpse into the power that can come when we accept and integrate our shadow.

This is an excellent essence for energetic boundaries. It supports the type of boundaries that say, I will not allow others agendas to blindly influence me.

And even though this essence can be rather intense psychologically, I find it relaxing to my nervous system and musculature.

Water hemlock is the first essence I’ve ever felt the need to issue a warning about. The spirit of this plant is intense, perhaps the most intense plant spirit I’ve ever met. If you are not already working with your shadows and past traumas or don’t feel ready to do so, I do not recommend this essence. This is strong medicine. Please seek professional help for working with trauma. This essence is ultimately a support and is one piece of the healing puzzle. It cannot be expected to do the all of the work for us.

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