The Metaphysics, Mysticism, and Self-Awareness course shows clearly how you are the creator of your life and environment and how you can change limiting core belief systems into positive action. Each person has the responsibility of following their ideal and purpose for this lifetime. Disharmony and problems arise when we do not do this.  This course teaches self-awareness through unity of mind, body and spirit with emphasis placed on integration of thoughts, emotions and actions. Attention will be placed upon group interaction and individual expression, which will be enhanced by participation with others seeing their inner truth in class and in organizational activities.

There have been strong positive results for individuals who have used the techniques for self-realization taught in the lessons  These techniques help the student raise conscious awareness of the Self and all creation to a harmonious and fulfilling degree. The material and concepts used in the course come from a blending of current philosophies in Transpersonal and Body-Centered Psychology, the great Masters or Magi throughout history as well as integration of Eastern and Western spiritual philosophies.  Each of the lessons is in a step by step format designed to raise your awareness of yourself and everything around you. Through our own experience, we know these lessons will work if you apply them. Not all individuals will desire or be prepared to go through the whole course.  Much like in college, they may attain one ‘level’ and then wait until a later date to continue the program.

Beginning Levels One and Two:  The Beginning Level consists of 20 weeks of class time covering 16 lessons. These are designed to help direct a conscious harmony within the individual who uses the techniques in harmony with Universal Law. Within this section are all the basic tools needed to become a more aware and loving individual. Areas that will be covered are Self-Awareness, concentration, self-esteem, auras, meditation, functioning of mind, loving presence, healing energies, mental projection, dream interpretation and much more. In Beginning Level 2 you will learn physical energy alignment (a physical yoga), gain understandings in ‘the illusion of life’, balancing the emotions, how to create a true success in your life and will be asked to lead group meditation, visualization exercises and other activities that aid you in developing your self-confidence and assertiveness in communication with others. Within this you will find yourself developing a new inner strength. (New course starting in September!)

Advanced Level 1, 2 and 3:  The teacher may notify a beginning student that, if desired, they can attend the Advanced Lessons. This decision will be made mainly through their teacher’s recommendation and intuition. In the Advanced Lessons you begin to develop a conscious harmony with your subconscious mind. Using more of your total Self, you begin a refinement process of all instruction presented in the beginning lessons. You will learn and practice advanced Kriya Yoga, visualization, etheric and astral projection, thought transference, control of dreams and more. To further the internal expansion process, you will have the opportunity to teach others what you have experienced and gained as truth. Teaching can be one of the most important methods to enhance the student’s growth. The Advanced Levels consist of approximately 24 lessons, which take about 12 months to complete. You will receive either an Advanced Student Certificate or a Teacher’s Certificate upon completion. (By invitation only)

Master’s Level 1, 2 and 3:  Now is the time to integrate and master all that you have been taught, receiving a Master’s Certificate upon completion.  Here is the place to walk your talk. The chakras are explored on pranic, etheric and astral levels. Astral projection is explored further. You gain a complete understanding and utilization of the elemental forces with an opportunity for immersion in the esoteric teachings of the Bahagavad Gita and Revelation. The Master’s Series has 24 Lessons and takes about 1 ½ years to complete. (By invitation only.)

Trainer’s Level 1 and 2:  Spiritual devotion and mindfulness are the foundation for becoming a Trainer of other Metaphysical Teachers. This series has 16 Lessons and takes about 32 weeks to complete. After demonstrating a commitment to service, you earn a Trainer’s Certificate.  (By invitation only)