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Poisonous Plant Medicine | Week 1 : Plant Spirit Communication & Poison As Medicine

Week One

Plant Spirit Communication & Poison As Medicine

Week one will introduce the cornerstones of this series. If you can only make it to one class, make it this one!

Plant spirit communication is the practice of using our intuition to directly connect with plants. This is in diametrical opposition to capitalistic, material reductionist herbalism that dominates the plant medicine world. Instead of asking what a plant can do for you, we ask the plant directly what they want to share with us. Instead of asking what dosage is needed to connect with a plant, we learn to recognize the connection that’s already there, and our blocks to that connection. This process allows us to experience the healing benefits of herbs without having to ingest or even be in the same vicinity of a plant. This is a skill that everybody can develop!

“Poison as medicine” is the spine of my work with poisonous plants. Why do so many consciousness shifting plants make us feel physically ill? What can we learn when we balance the typical “light and love” approach to spiritual paths with shadow integration? What if the majority of the suffering we experience is not from the things we are afraid of, but from our avoidance of those things?

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